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Texas Hippie Coalition - Fist Of Rage, Smoke Offering, Cosmic Wool


Dec 15, 2017

423 North Main Street
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  • Texas Hippie Coalition
  • Fist of Rage

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Texas Hippie Coalition

Rock ‘n’ roll is all about cutting loose. It’s about throwing back a few drinks, raising your hands, banging your head, and living out loud. Texas Hippie Coalition cook up the soundtrack to your “good time” with their fourth full-length album, Ride On [Carved Records]. Their countrified blues riffs simmer with metallic edge, while each chorus ignites a sing-a-long. The Texas quartet—Big Dad Ritch [vocals], John Exall [bass], Cord Pool [guitar], and Timmy Braun [drums]—have formally landed, and they brought the party with them, in more ways than one.

Nobody describes Texas Hippie Coalition better than Big Dad Ritch does. He grins, “It’s like Lynyrd Skynyrd and ZZ Top had a child, and Pantera ended up raising it. We’re Red Dirt Metal. That’s a flag we wave high. There wasn’t a line formed for us, so I created a line and jumped to the front of that bad boy. Ride On is the best example of what we do.”

In order to cut this big, bombastic, and ballsy ten-song collection, the boys retreated from their native Denison, TX to Nashville, TN. Hitting the iconic Sound Kitchen Studios, they teamed up with Grammy Award-winning producer Skidd Mills [Skillet, Saving Abel] for the first time. Cord had only entered the fold in 2013, but he immediately became an integral part of the writing and recording process.

“When we got to Nashville, Cord, Skidd, and I were writing two or three songs a day,” Big Dad Ritch goes on. “We wrote the whole album pretty fast. Skidd’s a great guy, and he’s very easy to work with. My brain fires like lightning. Once an idea hits my head, I’m off and running. Skidd kept up with us. It was one of the fastest albums I’ve ever put together.”

That urgency carries over to the album opener “El Diablo Rojo”. The riff cocks like a shotgun before breaking into a devilishly catchy verse. Big Dad Ritch explains, “When we go down to El Paso, which we like to call ‘Hell Paso’, everybody calls me ‘El Diablo Rojo’. It means ‘Red Devil’. I always loved that, and I knew it needed to be on the album.”

Then, there’s “Rock Ain’t Dead” which begins with a stadium-size stomp refuting Marilyn Manson’s old claim “Rock is Dead”. Big Dad Ritch hilariously contends, “We wanted to make sure people know the state of rock music is not nearly as bad as radio projects it to be. We needed to let y’all know rock ‘n’ roll ain’t dead. It’s just been in rehab. There’s no need to recover. Let’s all just stay strung out.”

Crashing between a chunky guitar wallop and big bass thud, “Fire In The Hole” immediately explodes on impact. “With this album, I wanted to make the world know that not only do we exist, but we’re here to take over,” declares the vocalist. “This is me warning you that we’re coming out you like an air raid. We’re here. We’re in your face. We’re going to bomb everybody with some THC. That’s the theme.”

Elsewhere on the record, Texas Hippie Coalition teamed up with longtime collaborator the iconic Bob Marlette [Pink Floyd, Rob Zombie] to co-write “Bottom of a Bottle”, “I Am The End”, “Ride On”, and “Go Pro”. The latter begins with a clean southern verse before breaking into a triumphant bruiser of a refrain. The singer adds, “It’s a big middle-finger-in-the-air song. It lets people know Texas Hippie Coalition isn’t going anywhere. You’ve got your champions, but you’re about to get one more—this band of outlaws.”

At the same time, Big Dad Ritch lyrically opens up on the pensive and powerful title track, which rounds out this roller coaster ride. Beginning with another guitar groundswell, it burns into one final message from the band. “My dad used to always say ‘Ride On’,” he continues. “It’s something special to me. I live by it. If the Lord gives me a bad road, I get on my bike and ride it out. No matter how bad it is, you can always ride on.”

Texas Hippie Coalition continue riding high after three critically acclaimed albums—Pride of Texas [2008], Rollin [2010], and Peacemaker [2012], which debuted in the Top 20 of Billboard’s Top Hard Rock Albums Chart. They’ve left crowds drunk, disorderly, and begging for more everywhere from Rock on the Range and Rocklahoma to the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival. Now, they’re coming for you.

“We’re about swigging the whisky, smoking the weed, and letting the women chase us,” Big Dad Ritch leaves off. “When I first started this band, I thought, ‘There’s an appetite for this sort of music.’ Once I got in front of people, I saw it wasn’t just an appetite. It was a hunger. The masses are starving to death for this kind of music. Who’s eating with me? I’m serving up some good old Texas Barbecue known as THC.”
$17.00 - $32.00
Texas Hippie Coalition: Once every generation the rules that define rock and roll are tossed aside and a band of epic proportion appears to bludgeon the masses with its undefined style of music and social commentary.Texas Hippie Coalition aka: “The Band of Outlaws” emerged from The Red River Valley that borders Northern Texas and Southern Oklahoma and ripped their way into the metal scene. The Pride of Texas Tour of 2009 embedded THC on the stages of Rocklahoma, Sky Metal Fest , Rock the Bayou, House of Blues, Hard Rock and Hollywood’s Key Club just to name a few. Having been honorably crowned The Kings of Red Dirt Metal, THC’s music enabled them to grace stages with the likes of Mudvayne, Saliva, Queensryche, Static X, Ratt, Pop Evil, Nazareth, Steel Panther, David Allen Coe, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Gary Allen and many more. In 2009 THC caught the eye of the producers of the Jerry Springer show, and takes great pride in being one of a small hand full of artists to perform on the Jerry Springer Show viewed by over 30,000,000 Households. Through their relentless touring and determination to put themselves in front of music fanatics from coast to coast, they have earned the respect of fans and peers with their hard hitting style of metal dubbed by the Hippies as "Red Dirt Metal". With great vision and attention to detail, the union of Texas Hippie Coalition and Carved Records was sealed at the end of 2009 instantly landing the band in the studio. Enlisting the efforts of Multi-Platinum producer, David Prater, best known for his work in the rock world with Dream Theater’s "Images & Words" and Fire House’s "Fire House" and "Hold Your Fire". Texas Hippie Coalition’s soon to be released album will merge Big Dad Ritch's over-the-top vocals with twin guitars being throttled by Randy Cooper and Alden Nequent a.k.a. “Craw Fish”, topped off with The skull crushing bass lines of John Exall and rapid fire drums of Cody “the hit man” Baily. This release promises to be one of the most electrifying albums of 2010. The World needs to get ready for what can only be described as a new dynasty in rock and the birth of “RED DIRT METAL”!!!

Fist of Rage: Fist of Rage is a hard rock band based out of Northeastern Oklahoma. With their heavy guitar riffs, melodic harmonies, and snaring hooks, F.o.R. brings a unique blend people can both rock and relate to. Founded in November of '07 by frontman Sam Schaper and lead guitarist Vernon Hicks, Fist of Rage's line-up has come to be complete with the addition of bass player "Pudge" and now welcoming drummer Skylar Penner. Coming out of the studio in spring of '08 with an eight song demo, Fist of Rage has quickly become an area favorite playing in local clubs and crashing any available party. With the release of a full length album just months away, F.o.R. is looking forward to adding more notches on their belt, one show at a time. For booking information contact or www.myspace/